Sole Story 

Meeting at 6:00 on Wednesday evenings in Room #206 in Building C and led by Roger Barbee.

All of us have a story or stories. We are a total of our experiences and beliefs. Sole Story is a class designed for the lay writer to, through weekly “free writing” journal entries, discover more about herself or himself, to unveil and examine her or his story. “Free writing” is the first draft of a writer’s thoughts and feelings. Each student is, after that draft, encouraged to revise as much as she or he desires.  While the Bible will be our main text, other literature with a useful message will be used to engender thought and writing.

Each week participants will be asked (gently encouraged) to have one entry to share with the group. There will be no grammar lessons or quizzes or tests. Bring your Bible, a pen and notebook, and an eagerness to explore while helping classmates become better writers.

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